Airborne & Ground Telemetry

The purpose of a telemetry system is to collect data during a flight ( it could be an aircraft, helicopter or missile ) and relay these data to a ground station where the data can be evaluated. Milano Systems can provide all set of communication system to make this happen. Following the telemetry system overview and relative products we normally provide for each items for both ground equipment and airborne one.


  • Receivers
  • Combiner
  • Real time data elaboration
  • Post Processing data Analysis
  • Ground Telemetry Antenna (Fixed Position/Mobile)
  • Receiver, PCM Syncronizer and Decommutator
  • Real time Data Center & Post-Processing
  • Airborne Telemetry Antenna
  • On-board Data Recorder
  • On-board Cameras
  • On-board Data Switch

Real Time Station product can be used to connect directly to onboard instrumentation systems or to the receiver to gather data, perform engineering unit conversion, archive, and perform data display and analysis.