Electro-Optical Tracking system

An electro-optic setup employs optical sensors to offer instant, far-reaching automated recognition of targets, as well as video tracking and capturing of objects found on land, in the air, and in Earth’s orbit. The software embedded within the system is customized to meet the specific requirements of clients, enabling the system to autonomously detect, categorize, trace and record. The presence of multiple sensor setups, strategically positioned across a given area or perimeter, ensures heightened precision and has the potential to serve as a substitute for radar.

Milano systems can offer the following products:​

  1. Turnkey Video Tracking System
  2. Video Tracker (Stand alone)
  3. Pan/Tilts, Tracking Pedestals
  4. Trajectory Measurement Systems
  5. Automatic Take-Off and Landing Systems (ATOL) for UAVs
  6. Data Fusion Engine to combine data from multiple sources such as video tracker, radars, laser rangefinders, LIDAR and GPS systems
  7. Miss Distance Systems (MDI)
  8. Inflight Refuelling for UAVs

Key features

The video tracking system incorporates all the necessary software for camera calibration, lens calibration, and alignment with other sensors on the platform. Here are some of its key features:

  • Video Tracking Algorithms: We can offer  three standard tracking algorithms: contrast, feature, and grayscale correlation. Additional algorithms such as iPeta, Timeliner, bomb drop or payload release, multi-target track, and Ballistic Predictor are also available.
  • Video Inputs: GigE, PAL, and RS-170/CCIR video formats. GigE cameras enable rapid tracking rates and high-resolution, non-interlaced images. These cameras deliver faster, clearer, higher-resolution footage at higher frequencies.
  • Full Field of View “Sit and Wait” target acquisition to automatically detect and acquire targets as they enter the field of view.
  • Full Field of View Target Tracking
  • Instantaneous target switching through on-screen designation (via mouse) while maintaining auto-track.
  • Tracking of 81mm mortars
  • TTL input to trigger automatic activities such as auto tracking or movement based on the Ballistic Predictor (optional).
  • Up to 10 user-defined waypoints to direct the pedestal to desired positions.
  • Outputs: Time stamp, tracking state, target azimuth, target elevation angle, track quality, range, position velocity (if available).
  • Software-based: Allows system scalability to adapt to changing customer needs and new technological advancements.
  • Multiple video inputs.
  • Real-time sensor switching ensures no dropped frames and no loss of track (for most sensors).