Strafing System

Strafing System Overview

  • Uses Acoustic detection of shock wave from shell
  • Works with practice bullets (not HE)
  • Acoustic detectors and pre-processor on Scoring range, under target, protected by berm
  • Processor in Range Head sends score data to Scoring Station

Strafing System Sensors

  • Advanced acoustic shot scoring system
  • Designed for training and evaluation of fixed wing and rotary aircraft gunnery
  • Real time reporting of shots pattern and hits
  • Assurance of product durability due to its rugged quality
  • The strafe scoring target delivers instant and accurate shot scoring
  • By measuring the wave front direction in two locations it is able to calculate the shots position and direction at the target.

Strafing System Targets

  • The System will be composed by the Strafe Target
  • The amount of this equipment depend of the configuration and the number of Targets
  • A Central Processor Equipment will be available, where the operator can set the target and collect the data results.
  • In the figures examples of sensor set up and target are shown

Strafing System Scoring Data

  • Shot Pattern and Score displayed on operator and remote screen.
  • Communication with the system allows performance analysis at any base location.
  • System Expansions include multiple targets and bomb-scoring, with seamless software integration.
  • The user can see how the burst was fired with a shot location feedback (each impact is set with X and Y location).
  • More information on the exercise and on how the shot was conducted by the pilot are available: with the history of each shot, and with the representation of the vertical position in the anterior plane and correlated with the horizontal plane, the range safety can be traced back to how the volley was fired and how the pilot “handled” his shot.
  • This combined representation is a powerful real-time evaluation tool

Single & Multi-Target Shot Pattern Display