Store Release Motion Analysis

Motion Analysis: Store Release 6D Tracking

The 6D (six degrees of freedom, 6DoF) provides functionality for computing the position (x, y, z)
as well as the attitude (roll, pitch yaw) of one or more rigid objects, which are observed by at least one camera.

For each target the operator must define a target model containing well-defined points with 3D coordinates in the targets own coordinate system. A target is a rigid structure where individual points are not moving relative to each other, typically a store, an aircraft, etc.

Motion Analysis: Trackers

Markers are placed on the the equipment which the operator then surveys in the Video Analysis application.

The operator can also select shapes and or points in the object/equipment. Several automatic tracking algorithms exists, which track the markers positions in the image sequence and calculates the parameters of choice, generating test data.

Motion Analysis: Tracking accuracy

Motion Analysis: Data Import – From any 3rd Party DAQ system

  • Our motion analysis software is compatible with any 3rd party DAQ
  • Possibility to import data acquired from any type of sensor (IEPE, Thermocouples, Strain Gauges, Current & Voltage Transducers, ecc).
  • Signals acquisition is sync with video analysis

Motion Analysis: 6D Tracking – Data Visualization

  • The derived data can be analyzed and visualized using tables, graphs and charts – as well as exported to excel, MATLAB or other databases.
  • A non-editable, but interactive and synchronized test can be generated for easy-to-use presentation possibilities.