Blast & Fragmentation Analysis System

Reliable Blast Data Acquisition

  • High sample rate of 5MS/s for gapless data recording and storing
  • Highspeed pressure and temperature recording
  • 2 MHz bandwidth
  • IEPE® excitation current up to 20 mA
  • Perfect synchronization on of all channels of different sensor types
  • Reliable measurement system for valid results

Blast Pressure Sensors

  • Blast Pressure sensors are displaced around the explosion area.
  • Dedicated tripod can be used in order to support the blast pressure sensors

Test Range high speed camera

High speed camera is the first tool we need to acquire images for Arena software

  • High speed camera is needed to provide high quality images at high sampling rates.
  • High speed camera performances heavily affect video analysis final results
  • Rugged cameras that can withstand high shock and vibration is needed for Test Range applications (ARENA testing)
  • On Board compact flash allows to save huge amount of tests automatically
  • 10GB Ethernet interface allows faster data download directly to PC or Laptop

High speed camera and Data acquisition system set up

Arena Software: fragmentations video analysis

Data Ouputs

  • Time of impact
  • Area of impact
  • Azimuth & Elevation angles of hit
  • Panel hit (in multi-screen scenario)
  • Average speed to screen for fragments
  • Max, min, mean of these averages for fragments
  • Fragments speed versus angle
  • Number of fragments versus angle
  • Total number of fragments versus time
  • Statistics on shape of fragments

Arena Software: Main features

  • Fragments identification acquired by Phantom cameras recordings
  • 3D area identification and creation through reference points
  • 3D scenario output with data regarding each target: speed, angular speed, acceleration, and more
  • Generation of the statistical analysis function of the event

Arena Software: Data Output, Fragments