Doppler Tracking Radar

3D tracking radars deliver precise Time-Space Position Information (TSPI) of multiple free-flying objects.

Our tracking radars are X-band Continuous Wave (CW), Multi-Frequency Continuous Wave (MFCW) and Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar systems consisting of state of the art monopulse Doppler radar antennas, high performance pedestals, real-time multi-object tracking processors and state of the art waveform generators, all controlled from the operator console.

Man-portable, mobile or fixed

Depending on the specific radar model, Weibel’s product family offers tracking radars from small two-man portable systems to large trailer-, ship- or land-based systems.

Available data

The tracking radar systems measure velocity, range, azimuth angle, elevation angles, debris, spin acceleration, and micro motion of multiple targets in real time; supplying the operator with precise real-time TSPI data of any free-flying objects.

Proven capabilities

The system offers a unique proven capability of accurately tracking moving targets and ammunition, not only for testing purposes, but also for range safety applications.

Typical targets includes:

  • Small and medium caliber size projectiles
  • Artillery rounds and mortars
  • Rocket and missiles
  • Airplanes, helicopters and fighter jets
  • Drones
  • Air-drops
  • Debris

Range Doppler Processing

  • New development for the Weibel Radars
  • Involves fast sweeping FMCW waveforms and advanced processing techniques
  • Allows the radar to track and separate targets simultaneously in range and velocity
  • Enhanced the tracking capabilities of slow moving targets such as drones
  • Possibility to track target propeller movement or other Micro-Doppler phenomenon